5 Awesome Places to Film 360 in Los Angeles

2019, a “Vresh” New Year filled with growth, vision, and opportunity. Here in Los Angeles, a new year means a new list of activities to attend, places to wander, and experiences waiting to be had. While not everyone is here in Los Angeles or able to attend these events, what better way to “virtually” be there than getting to experience everything in 360 degree video. With a quick download from the app store, you are on your way to experiencing these magical events right here on the Vresh app.


VR in Medicine 

The Medical Field is one that is always progressing. With today’s modern day medicine and technology, there isn’t much that doctors can’t do, but this is only the beginning. Studies show that by year 2020, VR and AR will be a $2.5 million industry within the medical field! Virtual Reality is being utilized as both a training mechanism for doctors as well as acting as a form of rehabilitation for patients.

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360 Degrees of Truth

The evolution of conveying messages to alert and inform people of current events has been revolutionary. From newspapers to radios, television to email blasts, all the way to social media, we are more informed today than ever before. Social Media has forever changed the game for worldwide exposure.