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Introducing Our Newest Team Member

We are proud to welcome animator, director and storyteller Kim Nguyen as the newest member of the Vresh team! Born in Vietnam, she went on to study Architecture in France, only to then find out that Animation, not architecture, was her true calling. An Alumni of the Queensland University of Technology as well as the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, Kim has mastered her craft at two of the most prestigious learning centers in the world. There, she discovered her passion for 360 and VR video production and charted her personal artistic course towards the less traveled realm of 360 and VR oriented animation.

Though far off the beaten path, the 360 medium has sparked a flame in the minds of countless young creators, who are beginning to see the medium’s potential in not only creating traditional film and photographic art but create something entirely new! Kim’s interactive film Noodles is a shining example of the potential that 360 has in changing the way people make art. “Noodles” follows a little girl who goes out to eat with her father on the birthday, self-described as a “slice-of-life” short film, Kim succeeds at making a seemingly monotonous subject-matter, exciting to watch and full of quirks.

Kim is not looking to reinvent the wheel within the 360 medium but wants to integrate her own style in 2D and 3D, into the artistic context of 360 video. This is what unites her with other creators at Vresh, who are advancing the medium from their own unique standpoint, whether it is Kim’s animation-oriented background or other’s who may approach 360 from a documentary filmmaking or comedy perspective. Rather than making vresh a community exclusively for gamers and tech-geeks, we want to create a place where those groups are brought together with the less-conventional 360 creators, such as animators and the travel-oriented blogger, to create an eclectic community that offers a multitude of perspectives and styles. Whatever your take on 360, creators like Kim Nguyen will help to keep Vresh creative and cool
While we take the final steps to build our community, check out Kim’s website at, and if you own an oculus, support Kim’s work by viewing her fantastic work, “Noodles”, out soon in the Oculus store!



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