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Highlight on our Features: Filters

Out of all the features in the Vresh app, one of my absolute favorites is the filter feature. Our filters allow you to augment and warp the reality that is being shown on your phone, for extra fun. There’s nothing quite like disrupting the humdrum of a regular 360 video chat, whether it’s a funny robot voice or a spooky filter.  Added sounds and visuals will make Vresh a canvas on which you can manipulate your viewer’s reality to an even great extent. Filter’s will not only make the chat more fun but will add a uniqueness that a plain video chat just can’t provide. Here how you can spice up your 360 videos or streams:

To use a Filter while making a call or going live:
  1. Launch the Red and White Camera icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Connect your Insta360 One or Nano.
  3. Select either “Go Live” or “Call”
  4. If you selected “Call” continue by selecting a contact. If you selected “Go Live”, name your live,
  5. Confirm by tapping “Go Live” or “Call
  6. While in streaming mode select the Pictures icon, at the top of the screen, to use one of our many visual filters
  7. To add voice and sound filters, tap the Microphone icon to the right of the Pictures icon and select one of our many sound filters.
To use a Filter while uploading a pre-recorded capsule:
  1. Select the Upload button to the left of the Red Camera icon.
  2. Select the capsule you want to upload.
  3. Trim the video to your preference.
  4. Select the Filter wand at the middle of the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select one of our visual filters to change the lighting and saturation of the capsule.
  6. Select the Audio icon to the right of the Magic wand to add soundtracks to the capsule.
  7. Upload and enjoy a new and totally different capsule!
Have any other features you’d like explained? Leave a comment and we’ll get to it ASAP
The Vresh Team


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