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VR in Medicine 

The Medical Field is one that is always progressing. With today’s modern day medicine and technology, there isn’t much that doctors can’t do, but this is only the beginning. Studies show that by year 2020, VR and AR will be a $2.5 million industry within the medical field! Virtual Reality is being utilized as both a training mechanism for doctors as well as acting as a form of rehabilitation for patients.

What does VR do for patients, “you may ask”? With the Opioid Crisis at an all time high, it is a proven fact that 21 to 29 percent of all patients prescribed opioids have developed an addiction. Today, companies like AppliedVR set out with the main goal of “offering patients a highly enjoyable escape from scary and painful experiences in healthcare”. The hope of this goal is to eliminate the need for painkillers due to the mind being preoccupied by VR, this acts as another means of mental stimulation.

To take this one step further, Vresh offers you the ability to not only submerge yourself into the wonderful world of Virtual Reality, but to also combine a FaceTime element with that of VR. In short, a patient who is on bed rest now has the ability to call a friend in 360 degrees! This allows for you, the patient, to be transported from your current environment to the venue, event, or activity that your friends or family are currently at! In medical terms, our Call feature acts as FaceTime on steroids!

We want you to experience this for yourself!

Please email me directly at if you have any questions on how to get started!

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