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Creator Spotlight: Laura Key

In honor of all our amazing Creator’s, our team has decided to start honoring those of you who give our App such thrilling and awesome content. This week we spoke with Laura Key (@realtygoddess) about her experiences as a Vresh creator.

What type of videos do you like to make?

I love showing houses and doing ocean 360s

What type of places do you like filming in 360 and why?

I love the ocean! It give such interesting outcomes! Water is my element 

When do you like to shoot in 360?

Anytime! The more the better! 

What is your goal as a 360 creator?

I want to share my world!!! It’s fun to show off our city, events, oceans and lifestyle! 

Outside of work, How do you like to spend your time?

Outside of work I am a vocalist! I sing! I have traveled the world with my husband singing!

Do you have any TV Shows that you are really into? and what is it that keeps you hooked about them?

Since Game of Thrones has bit the dust I am into Better Call Saul!

Do you have any talents that people would be surprised to know about?

I am a livestreaming freak! On Thursdays and Fridays I sing my heart out on Periscope @RealtyGoddess

Tune in in a few weeks for another Ambassador Spotlight!

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